Oops - - Didn't see that coming!!

TBone Jones's 19th Century American history that didn't quite go according to plan. And other stuff!!

Irony......Now there's a funny thing.

Welcome to the not very sensible side of 19th Century American History. Not that anything in here was done deliberately, its just that sometimes in spite of your best efforts, fate has other plans. Apart from the fickle finger of fate, there's also the cosmic coincidence to deal with, and that's without the most prolific cause of things going wrong, Humans!

Inattention to detail, the failure to think things through properly, and just plain old stupidity, all play their part in lifes little ups and downs. And then there's good old fashioned Bad Luck.

These pages are for the most part about 19th Century America, because that's a particular time and place that interests me. Having said that, the site is not confined to that that era, and you will find many other examples of irony's finest work here as well.

Its all pretty self explanatory, it has to be for me to understand it! so come on in and explore, and if you have any comments, or examples of historical irony that you would like to pass on, or you just want to say "hello," you can do so in 'Messages'.